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Zaid Fouquette
United States
So apropos of nothing I was chatting on a forum about 40k about the novels I've read and someone mentioned the Black Library is accepting writers and I should submit material. I took that as a challenge and decided to write up something that (imho) incorporates the three main Black Library writer traits:
a) general knowledge of the universe, its themes and history.
b) a capacity to introduce new elements in a meaningful context and exciting manner
c) subordinate a) and b) to the primary objective: sell the newest codex and resin toy soldiers!

With that in mind I decided to take an existing miniature as if a GW employee one day plopped it down on my desk and said 'Here, create some fluff and rules for this model or unit' and ran with it. This is what i came up with.

(Adepta Sororitas, Sisters of Battle, 40k etc c Games Workshop
images & Prioress Theresa c Hightech Miniatures…

Like the Imperium as a whole, the Ecclesiarchy governs itself with overlapping dogmatic rules that to the outside eye often appear contradictory, In reality the Imperium demands unthinking fealty only from its subordinates. Co-operation at the highest levels is not actually discouraged, it is in fact prohibited. Hatred is good, paranoia and mistrust are virtues, and nothing breeds hatred like schism.

Schismatic Minor Order
Over the centuries a dogma deviating from standard Imperial orthodoxy has evolved within a number of Minor Orders. Over the millennia countless examples of loyalist systems, noble houses, planetary populations, Imperial Guard regiments and Space Marine Chapters have been perverted to blasphemy and heresy. Even senior members of the Inquisition turn their backs on the divine light of the Emperor and turn traitor. These histories never filter back to the population in general but a Sororitas Order has great resources at its disposal and the Dialogus do not answer to the high Lords of Terra with the exception of their own Abbess. Such an order may become insular, unable to trust any group save themselves to carry out the Emperor's mandate to purge the mutant, the alien and the heretic.

Prioress Litvica Theresa, Canoness Superior of the Order of the Immaculate Face

At the beginning of 1589 M39 the Order of the Immaculate Face was an insignificant minor order at the onset of the Crusade Encarmine, a counter-invasion created in response to xenos incursions into the Antipax Sector in Segmentum Tempestus. The Crusade was elevated to a War of Faith when Warmaster Krunsz realized he had underestimated the scale of the Xenos threat. A decade later the Sector was liberated and the invaders had been pushed back to the Mandragoran Stars. Krunsz prepared to transition his organization from leadership of the crusade to governorship of the sector.

The Ecclesiarchy as a whole, and the Order in particular, demanded the systematic cleansing of all suspect remnants of the Crusade. Too many ordinary humans, they argued, had come into contact with the xenos filth and their blasphemous ways. The Antipax Sector would not be allowed to fall back into unclean hands, the survivors must be tested and only the pure of soul allowed to rebuild so that they could be supplanted by sanctioned colonists. Krunsz refused and the Prioress drew her bolt pistol and murdered him and his senior staff on the spot. 

Civil war broke out as the Ecclesiarchy supporters massacred Guardsmen, Munitorum representatives and secular authorities wholesale. Receiving a constant trickle of reinforcements from Segmentum Tempestus' minor orders and Frateris militia the faithful gained ground.

In the end three Guard regiments were annihilated, seven more withdrew to Sector Command with casualties exceeding 99%, Sororitas relations within the Sector were soured with two houses of skitarii devastated and one Space Wolf Blood Claw pack, and the plans to restore Antipax Sector were crippled as half the liberated worlds were thrown into anarchy.

Because of this treachery the Order of the Immaculate Face emerged the true winner in the conflict; Prioress Theresa has used her new position as the virtual head of a planetary system to build up her Order with an eye towards redeeming xenos and renegade worlds as well as Imperial systems.
The spoils Thunder Hammer 'Martyr's Fang' stands as silent testament to the fact that Theresa is as much a threat to her allies as her enemies. Whether her order's actions will reap consequences from the rest of the sector, in particular the Synod Ministra and the Convent Sanctorum on nearby Ophelia VII is yet to be seen.

Artesana /Premonstrata

To many in the Imperium the Sororitas are a minor organization, a military force lacking the size sufficient to compete with alternative troops for inclusion in a crusade heirarchy as well as the self-sufficiency necessary to launch autonomous actions of its own. To others, particularly in the Imperial Guard and Departmento Munitorum, they are a coddled organization that receives considerations far in excess of their capabilities on the battlefield: no organization save the Adeptus Astartes receives as much training, elite weaponry or armor as the Sororitas.

Prioress Theresa is devoted but also particularly pragmatic: she recognizes that the typical battle sister's abilities lie somewhere between Space Marines and the best Stormtrooper regiments the Imperial Guard has at its disposal (most famously the Cadian Kasr'kin). Expanding on her personal ambition to make her Order every bit the match of a Successor Chapter the Prioress petitioned, negotiated and ultimately extorted various disenfranchised sections of the Adeptus Mechanicus to develop a prototype she has named 'Tactical Artificer Armor' or 'Artisana'.

Modified primarily from Sororitas Power Armor and the Ignatus pattern available to members of the Inquisition, Artisana Armor is not so much a new Mark as a standardization of the techniques necessary to upgrade a suit of ordinary power armor to 'artificer' quality suits. The Mechanicum managed to successfully avoid tech-heresy by incorporating multiple form-fitting storm shields to the legs and shoulders of existing armor rather than experimenting with heavy plasteel plates.
While slow and cumbersome the new armor grants each sister superior protection especially in melee.

Artisana armor grants a 2+ armor save and grants the bulky and slow and purposeful rules.

(designers note: Artisana represent Celestians with a close-combat role making Celestians a veteran 'I want a squad with multiple heavy flamers /multi-melta' unit. Their low I and A characteristics are somewhat compensated by each sister gaining a bolt pistol and power sword in addition to her boltgun and a 2+ armor save. Ideally this squad can fill a role against the different melee strategies - high I melee specialists like Eldar / Slaanesh, slow ap- hordes like Orcs and Tyranids- better than existing sisters. No eviscerators; if you want to hit hard and last get Repentia)

Named for their role to be 'shown beforehand' and escort their forces, the Premonstrata are a living wall meant to protect the bulk of their forces behind them. Combining Artisana Power Armor with wrist-mounted bolters and powered tower shields (+ to invulnerable save? + to invulnerable save vs ranged? + to Toughness?) Premonstrata are able to advance resisting ordnance capable of destroying light vehicles.

Special rules: Combat synchronization - friendly Sororitas units behind Premonstrata can fire through the unit without suffering penalties.

(designer's note: Praemonstrata fill a needed niche, they protect soft units marching up behind them, prevent Tau-charge auto-losses -which get real embarrassing real fast- and grant a reasonably hard objective holding squad even outside of cover, something sisters lack. They can also be used to 'escort' a squad of Repentia, splitting fire or absorbing the bulk of low-Str Ap fire typically needed to kill the naked berserkers before they can do damage).


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thanks for the well-wishes. Just got back from party that ironically included a mail call. it hasn't arrived yet but it's ok. I'm expecting it any day now. As a side note I treated myself at the local game shop to their bargain bin: Hordes: Primal, Evolution and Metamorphosis for $15 :) Added to my collection of Primal Mk 2 and Domination and I'm in good shape to move on to Gargantuans and Exigence in the near future to complete the hordes series :) Stay inspiring.
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